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The Ultimate Stroller For Fitness Crazed Parents

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If you love pushing yourself to the limits and need a reliable and safe running stroller to help you achieve your fitness goals, then you need look no further than the BOB Revolution Pro. This is one of top options for parents hoping to get back into the best shape of their lives while also giving their children something comfortable and safe to best explore the outside world. If you need something that can handle more than just a leisurely stroll around the block, then the rugged dependability of this model will serve you well.

BOB has made a name for themselves when it comes to their performance and durability, and the Revolution Pro is no different. When you look at everything this model has to offer both you and your children, you can see why it is perhaps the best jogging stroller for active families.

Main Features

Solid Construction

The Revolution Pro’s frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The stroller is fitted with tubed pneumatic tires that are supported by wheel hubs. Its wheel rims and spokes are made of high-impact polymer composite. The hand-activated brakes feature composite pads that have steel drum casings. The seat material is waterproof and made of a blend of fabrics that can breathe to help keep everything cool.

Huge canopy

The large canopy provides sufficient shade as it goes down to where a bumper bar would be. It has a clear, plastic peekaboo window for your baby to see the outside world.


The seat has plenty of room and can accommodate a weight of up to 75 lbs. (34kg). It has a maximum height of 44inches (112cm). Obviously, space and weight limits are far much more than what you need for a baby. Furthermore, they allow sufficient room for upright sitting which might be more comfortable for your baby on certain occasions.

Adjustable harness

The 5 point harness that is fitted on the BOB Revolution Pro is padded and has a center release buckle for easy fitting and removal. The straps and sufficiently thick to hold your baby safely on the seat.

Ultimate Customization

This model has 9 different positions for the handlebar. That means pretty much any adult of any height can use it. The hand-activated brakes are great for when you are jogging or running downhill. In addition to that, the stroller comes with a runaway strap attached to the handlebar to prevent it from rolling away. Therefore, it adds extra security and complements the brakes.

Plenty of storage

The 2016 Revolution Pro model has 15% more storage in the basket than the 2015 model. It is also fitted with a large pocket at the back of the seat for you and two extra pockets inside the seat for your baby to store his/her stuff. All the storage spaces are easily accessible.

Large wheels

As mentioned already, this stroller is designed for city dwellers as well as parents who live in places that have fairly rough terrain. That is made possible thanks to its 16″ rear and 12.5″ front wheels that offer a smooth ride regardless of speed and terrain. The swivel front wheel can lock straight while the rear wheels feature a modern quick-release function that is not only easy to use but also safe.

Easy to fold

Despite the facts that the Revolution Pro is neither fitted with an automatic lock nor is a one-hand fold stroller, it is pretty easy to fold and lock using a fitted strap and clip (attached to the handlebar). When open, the stroller has a width of 25.4 in (64.5 cm) and handle bar height of 34.5 – 48 in (87.6 – 122 cm). When folded with wheels, its size reduces to 43 inches in length and 16 inches in height.


  • Fairly cheap considering it has amazing features
  • Very durable and easy to maintain
  • Allows you to jog without compromising the baby’s safety
  • Rear drum brakes make it easy to control even when rolling downhill
  • Reclines easily and with only one hand
  • Adjustable handlebar makes it easy to push for anyone
  • Has plenty of storage space


  • Fairly heavy and bulky compared to other strollers
  • Lacks automatic lock
  • Not fitted with a bumper bar

Final Thoughts

Finding time to exercise while you have kids is often a challenge, but having one of these strollers can really help you in this area. There is no doubt that the Revolution Pro is an upgrade from earlier versions. It not only has improved features like higher weight limit, more storage space, and simpler recline among others but also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. That being said, you should also consider the cons. If they are too big to be ignored then you can try a different stroller. All in all, it is definitely one of the best in the market; especially if you want to have your baby’s company as you jog and keep them happy and safe while doing so.

Infant Car Seat Options For New Parents

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top car seats for your infant

Every new Mom faces the important choice of finding the right car seat for their child and it can really weigh on their mind. This is the dilemma I recently faced when trying to shop for a new infant car seat. Let me tell you, it is a lot easier to go shopping for a new stand mixer or blender for the kitchen than it is to find something that is designed to keep my precious baby safe and secure.

I had a ton of sleepless nights and spent many hours trying to narrow down my choices to get the perfect child seat. I ended up approaching it like most of my other choices and made a list of the top 3, and then I went from there. So in my quest to locate the best option for my infantwas able to narrow it down to these safety seats. Hopefully this will prove helpful to others.

Chicco Keyfit30

This seat has a lot going for it that we really liked. First, it is one of the better rated seats available by parents. People who use something everyday often make the best critics, and the Chicco Keyfit 30 has an impressive amount of positive reviews from parents. It is lightweight, easy to clean, easy to store, and kids seem to find it very comfortable. One of the best things about this model is how many different strollers it is compatible with. This was a major factor that we were looking at as we really wanted to get out of the house as much as possible and expose our little one to the outside world. This particular model safety seat is able to click into place into a wide range of strollers where you do not have to take your newborn out of the seat, the seat simply snaps into the stroller itself.

The Keyfit 30 also has a proven safety record with proper head and neck support plus all of the collision force protection that every top car set should have. Safety is always the most important thing, obviously, and this seat meets all of the required safety standards of where we live. It is also easy to install in the backseat which will end up saving time and energy, something that new parents have very little of.

Graco SnugRide Click Connect

This was another top model seat that made it onto our list. What we really liked was its weight and that it also was made to fit effortlessly into Graco strollers. You could simply take the car seat out of the vehicle and pop it into the stroller and be on your way. Its lightweight construction also helped in this area and everything seemed very convenient. This also has a good safety record and has been thoroughly tested to meet road standards.

Graco car seats offer the added bonus of usually being a little more budget friendly than some of the other higher end models that we came across. This safety seat also scored reasonably well with parents. Most have been very happy with their purchase with a few minor issues with installation ease and the comfort of some of the padding in a few areas. This was not enough to dissuade us from making the final list.

Britax Be Safe 35 Infant Seat

This thing looks like it belongs in a race car. The base is very prominent and it used to absorb some of the forces in the event of a collision. The materials are high end and it looks like kids would be extremely comfortable riding in this thing. We were very impressed when we looked at Britax’s convertible car seats and this infant seat has the same high end comfort and safety features. They have formulated their SafeCell technology into all of the seats and they are designed to protect your child from all angles through advanced energy absorption. This thing looks extremely advanced and safe.

Customer reviews for this seat are also high, which you would expect from this caliber of a seat. The price was nice as well considering everything that is designed into this safety seat. This was in the mid range as far as our budget and this was one of the reasons it ended up on our list.

Our Final Decision

We ended up getting the Chicco Keyfit 30. The main reason is the overwhelming positive ratings from parents who have put it through the ringer. Getting a child seat is not a cheap decision, so we wanted something that is both safe and comfortable without feeling like we were taking a chance. The Keyfit 30 is a proven seat with a great reputation. We were also sold on its stroller compatibility features as this is something that we were looking forward to using. So far we have been nothing short of happy with our choice. This is the seat that we were hoping to get and for the first two years of our little one’s early life, this is the infant seat that is responsible with her safety. We are are alright with that.